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  • Contains Fenugreek
  • Potential Side Effects
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  • Proprietary Blends

Review Overview – What does FENUMASS do?

Manufactured by Pro Supps, FENUMASS is an all natural testosterone booster on the market that has been claimed to:

  • Support Testosterone
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Reduce Estrogen


But how well does it deliver?

In this review, we look closer at FENUMASS to seen how effective it actually is.

This is what we found:

How are the servings?


Despite having 4 capsules per serving, you only have one serving per day.

For efficient testosterone boosting, you need day long support.

Ideally, that’s 3 – 4 servings per day, this keeps your hormones properly topped up and constantly on the rise.

With 1, the process is going to be a lot slower.

What about the ingredients in FENUMASS?

Not great.

As you can see, we’re dealing with a pretty big proprietary blend here.

This means we don’t know how much we’re getting of certain ingredients, and how effective they will be overall.

We’ve sifted through the ingredients and picked out the main ones you need to know about.

Here’s the low-down:



A good mineral for free testosterone.

Known to inhibit Sex Hormone Binding Globulin – a protein that strips testosterone of its anabolic potency.

With less SHBG active in your system, you have a higher amount of accessible testosterone.


A mineral used to boost testosterone, Zinc is vital to the process.

Used by your brain in various processes, Zinc promotes the Luteinzing Hormone (LH), the precursor both growth hormone and testosterone.


One of the better t-boosters, and a core ingredient in FENUMASS.

Fenugreek is known for its ability to boost libido, but it also has other uses: it’s a great regulator of blood sugar.

The higher your insulin levels, the harder it is to boost testosterone, the two interfere with each other.

With less insulin, you can produce more testosterone.

Bulbine Natalensis

Found mainly in South Africa, and may boost testosterone – but it’s not all as it seems.

Bulbine Natalensis has been linked to causing numerous side effects and even organ damage – similar to a steroid cycle.

It’s a very dangerous addition.

Horny Goat Weed

Although thought to be an effective testosterone booster – this just seems to be clever marketing.

Studies have shown that Horny Goat Weed actually has little effect in studies when it comes to T-Boosting.

It may help mildly with libido, but effects are negligible.

Tongkat Ali

Again, Tongkat Ali (LongJack) just isn’t that great.

In a similar vain to horny goat weed, LongJack was thought to help promote T-levels.

Studies showed differently – you may get a slight libido boost, but that’s it. It’s a poor choice.

Wild Yam

Doesn’t help boost testosterone, but believed to help with the menopause – which could control estrogen.

However, there are no studies to back up this claim.


An anti-inflammatory.

Nothing special here, Astralgus may help with joint health, but aside from that you’ll see very little benefit.


Ingredients Bottom Line:

On the whole this isn’t the best nutrient profile out there.

Zinc, Magnesium and Fenugreek are all you’ve got coming to you here – good ingredients, but not enough for effective results.

Then you’ve got to consider the extensive list of ineffective choices in FENUMASS, and the side effect risks with the Bulbine.

It’s not your best option.

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Side Effects:

Your main problem here is the Bulbine Natalensis.

Although it has been seen in some studies to have positive effects – it can cause major side effects.

It has been compared to a methylated steroid cycle by the amount of damage it can do to your internal organs.

If you want to keep your insides clean, keep this nutrient out.

Is there anything better than FENUMASS?

There absolutely is.

We’ve done the research, and looked far and wide for the best supplements on the market that promote:

  1. Muscle Gains
  2. Fat Loss
  3. Testosterone Levels
  4. Energy
  5. Mood
  6. Sex Drive

And it we’ve finally narrowed it down to just three.

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FENUMASS Review Conclusion

All in all this isn’t the best testosterone booster out there on the market.

From this review, this is what you need to know about Pro Supps’ FENUMASS:

  • Proprietary Blend: We don’t know the dosages of each ingredient, you can’t know how effective it will be.
  • Potential Side Effects: Bulbine Natalensis may cause organ damage.
  • Poor Servings: Only 1 serving a day, it will make your progress slow.

As you can see it’s not your best option.

To see what our readers, and editor, have the most success – check out our top testosterone booster. It’s the safest and most effective we’ve seen:

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