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  • Ineffective Ingredients
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  • Servings Need Improvement
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Review Overview – What does Primal Muscle’s MesoFX do?

primal-muscle-mesofx-reviewBrought to us by Primal Muscle, the testosterone booster MesoFX is a supplement that is claimed to promote:

  • Muscle
  • Strength
  • Fat Loss

But just how effective is, really?

In this review we take a serious look at the ingredients, servings and side effects associated with MesoFX and see if it really is worth that $99.99 RRP price tag.

Here’s what you need to know:

How are the servings?

In need of improvement.

With only 2 servings a day, there’s not a lot of benefit you can expect with MesoFX.

For the best results you need something that delivers 3 – 4 servings a day, this provides your testosterone levels with exactly what they need to constantly be topped-up and grow.

Things will move at a slower pace with this 2-a-day schedule.

What about the ingredients in MesoFX?

Not great.

Full of technical jargon, it’s hard for those who don’t know much about testosterone boosting to know where to start with this ingredient profile.

But take it from us, it’s not too inspiring.

There’s a lot of ineffective ingredients here, and even some potential side effects.

Take a look:primal-muscle-mesofx-side-effects

Ajuga Turkestanica

An extract containing Turkesterone, a hormone that may promote testosterone in insects.

But does it work in humans?

Truthfully, the studies are limited, with no human studies proving that it does, the same goes with animals. However it may promote weight gain, which could contain some muscle mass.

Rhaponticum Carthamoides

Like Turkesterone, this extract is from the Ecdysteroid family with similar functions.

And also like Turkesterone it lacks any positive human trials, with all evidence currently showing that this nutrient does very little.

Tongkat Ali (LongJack)

Originally thought to boost testosterone, the studies on LongJack have proved far different results.

This nutrient has not been seen to effectively promote testosterone, it does however, have some minor use when it comes to promoting libido.

Quebracho Blanco

A treebark that hails from Argentina, this nutrient has been linked to treating erectile dysfunction.

However, whether it does so or not is up for debate – and it doesn’t look promising.

It’s also part of the Yohimbe family, which has been linked to several side effects.

6-7 Dihydroxybegamottin

Although it may sound technical, this is literally just a component in grapefruit juice. It doesn’t help boost testosterone but it may help with overall absorption.


This is another nutrient that has been linked to helping with testosterone levels – but has provided no real results.

Originally thought to help decrease the stress hormone cortisol – the stress hormone – which may help raise testosterone, there have been no clinical studies to support this claim.

It’s pretty ineffective.


A compound that is taken from soy.

Although thought to decrease estrogen levels, there have been no reliable clinical studies published that confirm this.primal-muscle-mesofx-results

Ingredients Bottom Line:

On the whole, the ingredients in Primal Muscle’s MesoFX aren’t great.

Although they sound technical, the benefits they provide aren’t that valuable – many of the nutrients used lack the clincial studies to vouch for their effectiveness.

Secondly, this product is entirely one proprietary blend, we don’t know how much of each ingredient is being used – or how well it will have an impact.

And finally there’s also a risk of side effects with the Quebracho Blanco due to being part of the Yohimbe family.

If you want to learn more about what you should be looking for in a testosterone booster, check out our top rated ingredients below:

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Side Effects?

The only problem you may encounter here is the Quebracho Blanco bark. Because it’s related to Yohimbe bark, this nutrient has been linked to serveral side effects such as: anxiety, hypertension and gastrointestinal distress.

Definitely not what you’re looking for when trying to boost testosterone.

Is there anything better than Primal Muscle’s MesoFX?

There absolutely is.

We’ve done the research, and looked far and wide for the best supplements on the market that promote:

  1. Muscle Gains
  2. Fat Loss
  3. Testosterone Levels
  4. Energy
  5. Mood
  6. Sex Drive

And it we’ve finally narrowed it down to just three.

These are the best testosterone boosters on the market, that both myself and our readers agree provide the best results. You can check them out below:

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Primal Muscle MesoFX Review Conclusion

On the whole this isn’t a great testosterone booster, and there are several reasons why.

This is our review summary for those of you who are considering MesoFX:

  1. Servings need improvement – With only 2 a day there’s not enough of a constant supply from MesoFX to get optimum testosterone
  2. Proprietary Blend – We don’t know how much of each ingredient is being used, or how effective it will be overall
  3. Potential Side Effects – Certain ingredients in here have been known to cause negative effects
  4. Several ineffective ingredients – Many of the nutrients used lack the clinical evidence to support their claims

Needles to say, it’s not that effective.

To see what our readers (and myself included) have had the best results with, check out our current highest rated testosterone booster in the link below. It’s by far the safest and most effective we’ve seen:

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