SUP3R PCT Review

A product by Olympus Labs

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Positives Negatives
  • Only a few Proven Ingredients
  • No Good Estrogen Blockers
  • Inconvenient Servings
  • Potential Side Effects
  • More libido boosters than T Boosters


Review Overview – What does SUP3R PCT do?

From Olympus Labs comes SUP3R PCT, a testosterone boosting supplement that is most commonly sold on

superpct1I was tipped off about this supplement by my readership because of the reviews on there. Although positive, there are only a handful of them to choose from, and it doesn’t tell the full story.

On top of that, fake reviews on Amazon by a company that owns the product are commonplace and you must be careful not to fall into the trap.

Before we get started, SUP3R PCT claims to:

  • Boost Testosterone
  • Lower Prolactin Levels
  • Block Estrogen
  • Detoxify the Liver

All good qualities, but how it actually performs will be answered in this review. Read on to see if SUP3R PCT is the post cycle therapy supplement that is right for you.

How does SUP3R PCT work?

With a staggering 10 capsule serving a day – which is beyond inconvenient. This PCT contains a range of ingredients to help you recover after a cycle. However, not all of them are effective.

These were my main highlights:


A form of DHEA – A natural hormone which the body converts into testosterone or estrogen depending on what it is lacking in the most.

Results via supplementation have been unreliable and the only studies conducted have been with menopausal women. It’s unclear how well this will help after a cycle.

D-Aspartic Acid

One of the best amino acids for boosting testosterone levels. DAA helps the brain create more of the Luteinzing hormone (LH) the component needed for testosterone and growth hormone production.

It has been proven in various studies to have great effect when supplemented in large amounts daily.

Mucuna Pruriens

Also known as Velvet Beans, this nutrient not only helps boost testosterone, but there is a lot of evidence that proves it helps lower prolactin levels and can release more dopamine in the body – this down to the L-DOPA which is heavily used in this nutreint.

After a cycle, prolactin levels can be at an all time high and can lead to severe symptoms like hard nipples, along with discharge from the affected area.


The mineral that helps promote free testosterone. A protein in the body known as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) binds with about 60% of the testosterone in the body and strips it of it’s anabolic potency – magnesium takes it’s place and lowers the amount of SHBG present, and allows for more testosterone to circulate in the bloodstream.


A mineral that you’d usually get from red meat and oysters, and it is a key booster of testosterone.

Needed for reactions in the brain, zinc is used by the body (like DAA) to create lutienzing hormone. This leads to the production of more testosterone and growth hormone.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)

This is purely an anti-oxidant for the liver after a cycle. It detoxifies the organ and helps prevent against further damage.

Full List:

super pct1

Honorable mention to Vitamin B6 which has been shown slow some gene activity in estrogen metabolism. Horny Goat Weed does not help boost testosterone, but it does help libido, which can help your sex drive while you recover.

The aromatase inhibitors in this product were poor. Trans-Reveratrol and E. Cottonii have both been seen to have little impact when it comes to blocking estrogen. Whereas Androsta is completely unreliable and has had very little testing.

Are there Side Effects?

On the whole the supplement seems pretty stable, however, there is one problem when it comes to side effects; and that’s the inclusion of Fadogia Agrestis.

A Nigerian Shrub that’s used traditionally as an aphrodisiac and proerectile agent, there haven’t been any human studies and these results have only been recorded in rats.

The problem is that the shrub may have a toxicity in it that makes it dangerous for human consumption – and considering you’re taking it to recover from a cycle, the last thing you want to do is introduce more toxins.

And it probably explains this comment on Amazon:


How long should I use it for?

Olympus Labs recommend 30 days.

In my honest opinion I think you should be looking for a supplement that requires around 3 months. This ensures your body is constantly being supplied with what it needs to boost T, block estrogen and detoxify the body, until it is at stabilized natural levels.

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How much does it cost?

We found it for $34.99 on Pretty reasonably priced, but from what I’ve seen it’s not going to give you the most benefit.


SUP3R PCT Review Conclusion

After looking over this product and it’s ingredients I’ve found myself in mixed minds about SUP3R PCT. On the one hand the product has a lot of the ingredients that have been proven to help raise testosterone, and even help detoxify the liver – however, there hasn’t been that much effort to block estrogen.

Without estrogen suppressants, you can have a whole host of problems after a cycle, namely gynecomastia, or ‘bitch tits’ as their affectionately known, and this can happen regardless of your T-levels. Your estrogen levels will be high after a cycle, and they’ll be hard to get back under control – and unfortunately this supplement isn’t going to help you do that.

Another worry with SUP3R PCT is the use of Fadogia Agrestis, as it is relatively untested and potentially toxic it could be doing you more harm than good. Especially one of the purposes for PCT is to detoxify your body.

In its current state I cannot recommend SUP3R PCT as your post cycle therapy. It’s missing key features and potentially dangerous.

If you’re looking for a PCT that won’t cause problems and get you back to your optimum natural levels, you should check out my page on the best rated supplements for natural post cycle therapy. It contains the products with the best clinically proven ingredients to get you back on form.

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