The Benefits of Red Asian Panax Ginseng

One of the more underrated natural nutrients out there is Red Asian Panax Ginseng. More known for its libido and testosterone boosting properties, but don’t think it stops there.

This nutrient has a whole range of benefits that makes it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their overall health.

Here’s what you need to know:red-ginseng-1

How does Red Asian Panax Ginseng help me?

RAPG has been seen in numerous studies to help promote:

  • Testosterone – Helps build muscle, speeds up recovery and releases energy
  • Libido – It can improve erection quality and overall sex drive
  • Immunity – Reduce chances of catching illness
  • Mood and Cognition – Feel better in yourself and be able to focus
  • Circulation – Improvement in overall blood flow and muscle pumps

And if you’re looking to perform better in the gym, it could be just what you need – and this is why:

Why it works for Testosterone Levels…

One of the main reasons this strain of ginseng is so effective for testosterone levels is its effect on blood sugar levels – which indirectly increases T-levels.

Taking the right amount of ginseng can be a big help towards lowering and regulating your body’s blood sugar levels[1]. This is ideal for anyone looking to raise their T. Lower blood sugar levels reduce the amount of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) in the body.

SHBG is a protein which kills testosterone, when in your bloodstream SHBG binds to any circulating testosterone and strips it of it’s anabolic potency, which makes it unusable by your body. With less SHBG in your system, the more testosterone you can use to make gains.

Studies which have monitored subjects regularly supplementing the nutrient have shown it to have a significant effect on T-levels. [2]

Why it works for your Libido…

Another benefit of this nutrient is its ability raise sex drive.

With regular supplementation Red Asian Panax Ginseng can have a calming effect on the body and promote more ‘apparent’ feelings in more sensual areas. One study even reported daily supplementation of the nutrient seemed to greatly reduce the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. [3]

Not only does it help get you in the mood, it’s also been seen to put you in the mood too, with numerous studies reporting an increase in erection quality and overall sex drive. [4]red-ginseng-2

How it helps immunity…

Shockingly, Red Asian Panax Ginseng has been to so effective at protecting the body that it may even reduce the risk of cancer.

In several long term studies that lasted years at a time, subjects taking red ginseng have been to have a “statistically significant reduce risk of cancers” due to the protective abilities of the herb. [5, 6]

It can improve your mood an focus…

Mainly down to its ability to promote calmness, Red Asian Ginseng has been seen to help give you a clear head.

The impact is so effective that studies have even recorded it to have measurable effects, with those supplementing the nutrient appearing to have improved cognitive performance during ‘mentally demanding tasks’ when compared to those who didn’t. [7]

Aside from the cognitive benefits, there has also been studies that have shown that the herb also positively affects mood, with many users promoting an improved feeling of well-being, and generally just being happier in themselves, and feel better in themselves when it comes to quality of life. [8]

It’ll also do great for giving you pumps at the gym…

One of the better qualities of Red Asian Panax Ginseng is its ability to improve overall blood flow. [9]

As a potent vasodilator, this ginseng has been seen to increase the amount of nitric oxide in your blood stream. This means your blood vessels become more dilated and can pump more through at a time. So when you’re training hard at the gym and you’re looking to get that full and thick look, this is definitely something you need to try. [9]red-ginseng-3

Red Asian Panax Ginseng Summary

On the whole, this strain of ginseng is great for anyone who’s looking to improve their overall health and perform better both in and out of the gym.

With its ability to improve testosterone, immunity, your mind and your muscles, this traditional herb is a great natural remedy for anyone who wants to take their health, and their happiness to the next level.


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