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  • Ideal for PCT
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  • Lowers Prolactin Levels
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Review Overview – What does Prime Male do?

Prime Male is a natural testosterone booster that’s been on the market for a years that we think has the potential to be one of the best natural methods of PCT on the market.

Initially this product was formulated for men in the over 30s category with testosterone levels that have began to naturally decline, however it’s been making a lot of traction in the world of pro-hormones due to it’s ability to naturally raise test and suppress estrogen.

Prime Male claims to be able to:

  • Increase Testosterone – Get back to optimum levels after a cycle
  • Promote Free T – Maintain T’s anabolic potency
  • Suppress Estrogen – Reduce circulation of female hormones in the body

We’ve checked it out ourselves and it all seems pretty legit. A lot of the ingredients used in this product top our list on the best natural nutrients to start taking after your cycle. You check out more about that in the link below:

This is all achieved by 12 natural ingredients in the supplement that have all been scientifically proven to make an impact on testosterone levels in the body – We’ll go over the one’s most relevant to PCT later on in this review.

What People are Saying about Prime Male:

We’ve been having a look online and on forums to see what people have to say about this supplement’s effects and the response has been incredibly positive.

Some of the testimonials on the company’s website are very reassuring, although they come from older guys (who the product is aimed at) their results, and the effects that Prime Male had can easily be applied to a PCT scenario.

This is one from a guy with naturally low test:


So if you’ve just come off a cycle, chances are you’re going to do a lot better than Charles if you’re T levels are naturally higher.

Another one that stood out to us was from a guy called Kieth who claimed that it rivaled the synthetic stuff:


It’s all good stuff. If you want to read more, (although not all of them are relevant to PCT) you can see it all over on:

How it works


NOTE: If you’re considering Prime Male as a PCT you should definitely start the day after you finish your cycle.

In terms of servings, this product is great for someone starting PCT. With 4 daily doses, it ensures that the body is being constantly being supplied with what it needs to progressively increase testosterone levels. Usually the fewer daily doses, the more chance the body has to slip back into lower T-levels, and it can be a bit like kicking water uphill.

In terms of the ingredients themselves, it has a strong range of proven ingredients that will help you recover after your cycle. These are my personal highlights:

Mucuna Pruriens

One of the issues when coming off your cycle is prolactin levels which can be pretty high when you jump off a cycle. In the worst case scenarios high prolactin can lead to suppressed dopamine and discharge from the nipples.

Mucuna Pruriens are known for the their L-DOPA qualities – which lower plasma prolactin in the body. They help release dopamine and have even been seen to increase testosterone and growth hormone throughout the body.

D-Aspartic Acid

This is a straight up testosterone producer. DAA is primarily used by the body to create luteinizing hormone – which is the precursor to both testosterone and growth hormone. It can even remove the rate limit of testosterone synthesis in the body. Prime Male contains a generous amount and it is one of the strongest natural ingredients for raising T.


Much like DAA this mineral helps towards the production of the luteinizing hormone and is a key mineral for the reaction that creates it in the brain. It is another promoter of both T-levels and growth hormone.

Nettle Root

A proven aromatase inhibtor (estrogen suppressant). Certain properties in the root of stinging nettle allow it to inhibit the enzyme responsible for turning androgens into estrogen. As a side benefit it can also help prevent prostate enlargement and supports general prostate health. There has been evidence that stinging nettle can also help regulate blood pressure.

Vitamin D3

D3 is technically a hormone it’s that powerful. Responsible for bone density and testosterone production D3 is synthesized by our skin into a hormone via the sun’s rays. Most people don’t get enough of it due to modern living indoors or poor weather. It has been proven countless times to dramatically raise testosterone, and Prime Male contains a lot of it.


One of the strongest natural aromatase inhibitors out there. Luteolin is a bioflavonoid that was compared to over 1,400 other natural components for it’s ability to inhibit the estrogen producing enzyme and came out as the most potent. It has also been shown in some cases to help raise testosterone.

Full list:


Other Ingredients that deserve honorable mentions:

Magnesium, B6, Boron and Asian Red Ginseng – You can read more about those ingredients and how they raise test over here:

Are there side effects?

No. Unlike what you’d get with SERMs like Nolvadex and Clomid, this supplement is completely and contains no synthetic ingredients that could damage your body during your recovery.

How long should I use it for?

We believe you get the best results over a 3 month period.

How much does it cost?

A month’s supply is $69.00 or the equivalent for your country (they ship worldwide), however there are discounts on multi-box deals and they ship worldwide.


Prime Male Review For PCT Conclusion

You can see why we like Prime Male so much – proven ingredients, a strong serving schedule and everything we’re looking for to reset testosterone production after a cycle.

Ingredients like the Nettle Root, D-Aspartic Acid, Mucuna Pruriens and Luteolin are some of the best natural choices you can make after PHs, and this supplement contains all of them and then some.

If you’re considering a natural alternative to SERMs for your PCT we can recommend no better product than Prime Male.

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