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  • Contains Zinc
  • Ineffective and Outdated Ingredients
  • Not Enough Core T-Boosting Ingredients
  • Only 20 servings per bottle

Review Overview – How does Testosterone Up work?

testosterone-up-review-2From the guys at Irwin Naturals comes ‘Testosterone Up’ – a T-Booster on that a lot of you have asked me to write up.

In their marketing, this supplement is claimed to:

  • Support Testosterone
  • Increase Vitality

But how good is it really?

In this short review we outline the facts behind Testosterone UP and if it really delivers the results it claims.


How are the Servings?

Pretty Good.

However there are only 20 days worth of ingredient per box which is a bit of a downer.

At 3 servings a day, Irwin Naturals have done well here. This will keep your hormones constantly supplied with the nutrients they need to constantly progress your T-levels.


Which was a major concern…

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What about the Ingredients?

They’re okay – but there’s a lot of wastage in there.

On the whole there’s one or two good ingredients in total in Testosterone Up.

Here are our findings:testosterone-up-review

Zinc is always a good start…

As far minerals go for testosterone, Zinc is high on that list.

Responsible for reactions in the brain to produce the luteinizing hormone (LH) – the precursor of both testosterone and growth hormone.

But the Tribulus is unforgivable…

Originally thought to be an effective testosterone booster a few years ago.

However this information was incorrect.

Recent studies have debunked Tribulus and shown it to be nothing more than a unreliable libido booster with no benefit to testosterone levels.

And the MCT oil is waste of time…

This is just a chain of fatty acids, similar to coconut oil, it is burned as energy after being processed by the liver.

Unfortunately this does nothing for your testosteorne levels.

The Pumpkin Seed Oil has promise though…

Full of magnesium and zinc – which are both good minerals for T-boosting, Pumpkin Seed Oil may have some effect on your hormonal levels.

Plant Sterols should be okay…

Taken from plants like Stinging Nettle. Known for it’s ability to lower Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).

SHBG is protein that binds to testosterone in the blood stream and takes away it’s anabolic qualities (what helps you build muscle) It can do this with up to 60% of your body’s testosterone.

The lower this is, the better you’ll feel.

Red Asian Panax Ginseng also helps here…

More a libido booster than a T-Booster, but it does have it’s merits.

By its ability to regulate blood glucose levels, this strain of ginseng helps to lower the amount of SHBG in the bloodstream.

Although the Tongkat Ali/LongJack isn’t helping anyone…

No evidence has ever come forward of this herb actually producing testosterone levels.

It does have some ability to boost libido, this is however, unreliable.

And the Chrysin is a bad move…

There has only been one study confirming Chrysin’s effectiveness – and that’s when it’s injected directly into the testicles.

There are no other studies that vouch for it’s effectiveness when it comes to T-Boosting – so the oral option definitely isn’t going to work.

Same with the Gamma Oryzanol…

This is another T-Booster that has fallen short. Made out of compounds of Rice Bran Oil, no test has confirmed Gamma Oryzanol to actually boost testosterone. Another bad choice.testosterone-up-review1

Ingredients Bottom Line:

As you can see there are only 2 main ingredients that we should be concerning ourselves with in Testosterone Up; the Zinc the Ginseng and maybe the Pumpkin Seed Oil (depending on how reliable that it is).

Also it’s worth noting that a lot of the ingredients in this product are wasted – and don’t boost testosterone.

This is definitely not the best T-Booster we’ve seen on the market, but it’s definitely not the worst.

If you want to know what nutrients you should be looking for in a T-Booster, click the link below to learn more:

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Side Effects

There have been no side effects reported with Testosterone Up.

Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Review Conclusion

Overall this isn’t a great testosterone booster, and you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Here’s why:

  • Not enough core nutrients – No vitamin D3 or D-Aspartic Acid
  • Some ineffective ingredients – Contains things like Tribulus and Chrysin
  • Fewer Servings – Only 20 days worth per bottle

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