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  • Contains Fenugreek
  • Poor Servings
  • Numerous ineffective ingredients

Review Overview – What does SuperMale-T do?

Manufactured by Herbalutions, this is an all natural testosterone booster claimed to promote:

  • Libido
  • Physical Performance
  • More Muscle Mass
  • Testosterone


But how effective is it at doing this?

In this review, we look closely at SuperMale-T to see just how good it actually is.

Here’s what we got:

How are the servings?


With only 1 serving a day – you’re not going to see fast progress.

Your body can only absorb so much at a time; and the rest will leave your system after a few hours.

For the best results you need to make sure your body has a constant supply of the nutrients it needs.

3 – 4 a day are absolutely ideal. This will keep you ticking over and maintain that testosterone provoking environment in your body.

What about the ingredients in Herbalutions SuperMale-T?

Not great.

A lot of the nutrients used seem to be working on outdated information.

The problem is that many of the nutrients used are debunked to boost testosterone, or are supported with very little clinical backing.

On the whole, it’s not looking good.

This is what you need to know:supermale-t-side-effects-1


One of the poorer testosterone boosters.

Tribulus was originally thought to help improve overall testosterone levels – however studies have shown that this isn’t actually the case.

Studies have shown tribulus’ overall effect on testosterone levels are minimal, and may only have a mild effect on libido.


A better option.

Fenugreek has been seen to increase testosterone levels by how it effects insulin levels.

By regulating your blood sugar. Fenugreek helps to lower insulin levels – which have been seen to have a direct effect on testosterone levels.

With less insulin, the more potential your testosterone has to rise.

Digestive Blend

Containing variations of Protease. Although it all sounds technical, this does nothing more than aid digestion through a series of enzymes.

It won’t have any huge overall effect.

Coleus Forskholii

A poorer choice.

Coleus Forskholii was thought to help boost overall testosterone levels and even promote fat loss – however, studies have shown otherwise.

In actuality the studies behind Coleus are pretty unreliable with very little showing it to have an effective impact.

Milk Thistle

One of the better choices for organ health, but not for testosterone boosting.

Milk Thistle has been seen to help protect the liver during a steroid cycle.

However there is nothing in this product remotely close to those types of additions – they’re usually methylated, and this products ingredients totally aren’t.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

May decrease blood sugar which could help with insulin levels – although the effects are unreliable.

We wouldn’t hold out hope for this addition delivering.

Eurycoma Longifolia

Also known as longjack, this isn’t a great testosterone booster.

Similar to tribulus, longjack was once touted to be an effective testosterone booster, but results have shown differently.

It has no effect on T-levels, but may have a mild effect on libido.

Horny Goat Weed

Similar to LongJack – just as disappointing.

It was thought to promote testosterone, but may only mildly boost libido.

Black Pepper

May help with overall absorption.herbalutions-supermale-t-results

Ingredients Bottom Line:

On the whole, this isn’t the best nutrient profile out there.

The main thing can’t help but notice with SuperMale-T is the huge amount of ineffective ingredients.

So many of these are outdated testosterone boosters that got debunked at one point or another.

The only thing worth using here is the Fenugreek – but that won’t achieve much on its own.

Side Effects

There have been no side effects reported with this product.

It’s not a dangerous T-Booster. It’s just more of an ineffective one.

The nutrient profile is seriously due an update.

Is there anything better than this Testosterone Booster?

There absolutely is.

We’ve done the research, and looked far and wide for the best supplements on the market that promote:

  1. Muscle Gains
  2. Fat Loss
  3. Testosterone Levels
  4. Energy
  5. Mood
  6. Sex Drive

And it we’ve finally narrowed it down to just three.

These are the best testosterone boosters on the market, that both myself and our readers agree provide the best results. You can check them out below:

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Herbalutions SuperMale-T Review Conclusion

On the whole, this isn’t the best testosterone booster out there.

From this review, here’s what you need to know about SuperMale-T; 

  • Poor Servings – With only 1 serving a day, your body won’t get the constant supply of nutrients it needs. 
  • Only 1 solid t-booster – Fenugreek seems to be only effective T-booster here. 
  • Ineffective ingredients – Many of the nutrients used are outdated and lack proper clinical trials to support their claims.

Needless to say, it’s not your best option.

To see what our readers, and our editor have voted as the highest rated testosterone booster on the market – check out our full review of the current #1 below:

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