Dynamik Muscle Warbringer Review

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Positives Negatives
  • Contains Vitamin D3
  • Poor Serving Schedule
  • Ineffective Ingredients
  • Under-dosed in places

Review Overview – What does Warbringer do?

warbringer-review-1In a supplement that was apparently formulated by Bodybuilding professional Kai Greene, Warbringer is a natural testosterone booster on the market that is claimed to:

  • Support Muscle Growth
  • Improve Mood
  • Boost Testosterone

But how reliable is it?

Although we know Kai is definitely a positive figure for the brand, just how well researched are the ingredients?

In this short review we get to the bottom of Warbringer and find out if it really is the right testosterone booster for you.

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How are the Servings?


Warbringer has only one serving a day of 4 capsules.

Although this sounds like a lot, this leaves an entire day of your body not being supplied with the nutrients it needs to raise testosterone.

The optimum amount of servings you should be looking for is around 3 – 4 a day.

This ensures that your body is regularly supplied with the nutrients it needs and your T-levels can regularly progress, as well your muscle gains.

Does it have Good Ingredients?

Unfortunately it’s a mix.

Dynamik Muscle’s Warbringer has some good ingredients, but some that are definitely not up to standard.

Check them out:


Vitamin D3, is always a good choice – but there’s a problem

Actually a hormone, this vitamin is absorbed through your skin from the sun. Studies have shown that vitamin D3 is great for boosting testosterone, immunity and overall bone density.

Typically you don’t get enough of this hormone in daily life due to most of your time being spent in doors – in fact, an estimated 1 billion people are reported to be deficient in it.

The only problem with this product is the amount – 1500 IU. Studies have shown the best results happen between 3000 – 5000 IU. It may not be enough here.

However, we’re not so sure about the Byrovirion

This is a traditional Ayurveda herb used for libido and fertility purposes. Also known as Bryonia Laciniosa, not many studies have supported the herb’s effectiveness, and the majority of tests have been on rats.

And Tribulus is never a good choice

Another libido booster, and unfortunately another disappointment.

Tribulus Terrestris has only been seen in some cases to boost libido, outside of that (despite many unsupported claims from supplement companies) there are no reliable studies that show Trib to boost testosterone.

But Fenugreek is a great choice

An effective libido booster, which indirectly improves testosterone.

By regulating blood sugar and insulin levels, Fenugreek reduces the amount Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) in the body. This is a protein that binds to testosterone and saps it off it’s anabolic potency, making it useless for muscle gains.

The Ashwagandha has some benefits

This herb is known for it’s ability to lower cortisol levels (stress hormones) as anti-anxiety allows testosterone levels to not affected by an imbalance and clear to rise.

However the DIM definitely needs some investigating

Nothing special here. It’s a compound from mushrooms that seems to lack evidence for boosting testosterone. It’s on the whole unreliable, it’s not going to do much for you.

Ingredients Bottom Line:

Overall there is a bit of work that needs doing to this product, the D3 could do with some souping-up, the trib needs removing altogether, and various other changes need to happen to make this more effective.

Needless to say it’s nowhere close to the best product we’ve seen.

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Side Effects

There are no reported side effects with Kai’s product.warbringer-review

Dynamik Muscle Warbringer Review Conclusion

Overall, this product is far from the best we’ve seen.

Here are our reasons:

  • Poor Serving Schedule – With only one dose a day, it’ll be hard to keep your test levels on the rise
  • Ineffective Ingredients – Nutrients like Tribulus and DIM won’t have any effect on your T-levels
  • Under-dosed – Could be more D3 in this product

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an effective testosterone booster, you’ve come close, but this isn’t what you’re looking for.

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