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  • Some Proven Ingredients
  • No Testosterone Producing Ingredients
  • Too Many Proprietary Blends
  • Under-dosed
  • Poor Servings

Review Overview – What does After Cycle do?

aftercycle22With phrases like ‘the most potent, legal PCT product available on the market today’, it’s clear that After Cycle is either going to be an incredible product or a scam – and considering I hadn’t heard of it until one of my readers emailed me, I’m going with the latter.

After Cycle claims to do two things:

  • Suppress Estrogen
  • Boost Testosterone

Pretty standard stuff. However, after studying this product I noticed that it contained no actual testosterone boosting ingredients! It helps promote free testosterone with a small amount of fenugreek, but that’s it.

If you’ve been considering this product, I strongly suggest you read this review.


I’ve just come across this in the reviews:


After reading that I would just avoid this product altogether. There are far better out there.

How does After Cycle work?

Unfortunately the serving schedule for After Cycle is pretty weak. One serving of 2 capsules per day before bed.

In my experience the best PCT supps use at least 3 – 4 a day. This ensures that testosterone levels are constantly topped up, while estrogen is always being blocked – and the liver can continue being detoxed. Leaving 24 hours in between each serving can be risky.

The ingredients on the other hand are a mixed bag. As I’ve said, there is no testosterone boosting ingredient in this product – they’re relying on Tribulus Terrestris to do it, even after it has been proven to be ineffective.

Aside from that the product is full of proprietary blends, which is bad. We don’t know exactly how much we’re getting of each ingredient – and therefore how effective it will be.

On top of all of this, it’s clear that all of the ingredients are under-dosed. The ‘Prostate Shield’ for example is only 100mg and split between 3 ingredients.

This is not an effective PCT. Regardless, here are the best ingredients:


Known for it’s ability to raise libido and to some extent free testosterone. Fenugreek helps to lower insulin levels in the body which help reduce the protein Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) that binds to free testosterone.


This is a form of DHEA, a hormone that can turn into either estrogen or testosterone depending on what the body is low on. Unfortunately however, oral supplementation is unreliable and the majority of tests of this nutrient have only been done on post menopausal women – not on guys coming out of a cycle. Chances are it’s not going to work that well.

Milk Thistle 

Great for promoting liver support detoxifying the organ after a cycle. This is especially useful against methylated prohormones. It can also help out the liver’s protein synthesis.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 

A powerful anti-oxidant that works in a similar way to milk thistle. The detox of the liver prevents against further damage.

Saw Palmetto

After a cycle a risk you could face is an enlarged prostate. Saw Palmetto helps in the recovery by aiding any urinary symptoms and flow problems.

Stinging Nettle

A potent aromatase inhibitor. This helps against the rise of estrogen, which can be a serious worry after your testosterone supply has stopped after a cycle. Stinging Nettle helps block the female hormone and supports healthy blood pressure.

Full list:after-cycle-pct1

Honorable mention to Eurycoma Longfolia for it’s ability to boost libido. However, the product overall seems to be relatively under dosed and doesn’t seem to help with the production of natural testosterone in any way.

The only ingredient that’s there to raise test is Tribulus Terrestris and that was proven to have no effect years ago in numerous clinical studies. The best it can do is raise libido.

Are there side effects?

All the ingredients are completely natural. There have been no reported side effects. However, it should be noted that there may not be any effects judging by this product’s poorly dosed ingredients.

How long should you use it for?

Dynamic Formulas suggest a 30 day use of this PCT – however, this recommendation is as bad as the product. A generously dosed natural PCT should be used for around 3 – 4 months to get the most benefit. It seems like a long time, but it’s the best way to maintain your gains after prohormones.

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How much does it cost?

We’ve found the 30 day supply on Amazon for $27.99. However, it is cheap for a reason.


After Cycle Review Conclusion

It really is a shame with this product. The majority of the ingredients used in it were great, proven and effective. However, they’ve been under-dosed and won’t have much effect. On top of that, there is no proven ingredient in this product that will help boost testosterone, which is exactly what you want a PCT for.

The servings aren’t great either. 2 capsules a night isn’t enough to make any significant changes. You want a supplement that has constant servings throughout the day, this will keep T levels constantly lifted, estrogen blocked and your liver well cared for.

If you’re thinking about using this product for your PCT, think again.

I’ve compiled a list of the current best PCT supplements on the market. I strongly suggest you check them out when planning for after your cycle.

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